Friday, September 12, 2014

Oregon's tuition-free 'Pay It Forward' college finance plan should take a back seat to other priorities, commission says

The Oregonian
September 12th, 2014

Oregon's Higher Education Coordinating Commission reiterated its position on Oregon's controversial tuition-free 'Pay It Forward' college finance proposal Thursday:
Pay It Forward should take a back seat to $150 million worth of other proposals to vastly expand state-paid financial aid and shore up operations of public universities and community colleges.
Pay It Forward, as fleshed out by a work group over many months of work, to allow students to attend college tuition-free, then repay a tiny percentage of their after-college earnings over the next 20 years into a pool that would fund other students' tuition.
In a formal letter to the legislature finalized Thursday, the commission called the Pay It Forward plan "worthy" and praised several of its strengths: It appeals to middle class families who don't qualify for federal grants; some students fare better under income-based repayment plans; and after a couple decades during which the Legislature would have to pony up millions per year, the plan would become wholly or largely self-funding.

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