Friday, October 3, 2014

1 in 10 Female Students at U. of Oregon Has Been Raped, Study Finds

The Chronicle of Higher Educaion
October 3rd, 2014

One in 10 female students at the University of Oregon say they have been raped in college, The Oregonian reports. That is just one statistic from a new study conducted by a psychology professor at the university. Among the other findings, drawn from the preliminary results:
  • Of the 982 respondents to a survey, 35 percent of the female students said they had had at least one sexual encounter without giving consent. Among men, that number was 14 percent.
  • Among those who reported having nonconsensual sex, 73 percent said they knew the perpetrator.
  • Just one in seven victims of rape said they had reported the crime to the university’s administration.
The survey cost the university $20,000, which was used to pay the participants. The professor who conducted the study, Jennifer Freyd, initially had her request for funding denied, as the university said Ms. Freyd’s criticism of the administration might affect the results. Ms. Freyd disputed that claim.

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