Tuesday, October 21, 2014

New details of University of Oregon's drive to raise $2 billion in donations

October 20th, 2014

The University of Oregon has set a big goal for itself -- raise $2 billion by 2018 and make sure the money lines up primarily behind scholarships for Oregon students and salaries and facilities for world-class faculty members in just 10 specialties, including  obesity prevention and nanochemistry.
To meet its goal, UO will have to raise twice as much money as any university in Oregon history and and 2.3 times as much as it raised on its last attempt.
It would not come close to national records, however. The University of Michigan is more than $1.7 billion into a $4 billion fundraising drive.
Michael Andreasen, who left a fundraising job at Michigan to become the fundraising vice president at the University of Oregon in 2010, is the brains and orchestrator of the UO's hunt for $2 billion in gifts.
Much of the attention will focus on donors wealthy enough to give at least $1 million, he said. UO officials will work hard to figure out which fundraising priority -- scholarships for low-income Oregon students, making UO an international leader in volcanoes and geothermal energy or restoring the eminence of UO's genetics research, for example -- will excite each potential big donor.

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