Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Pay It Forward pilot program recommended to 2015 Oregon Legislature

PSU Vangard
October 6th, 2014

The Pay It Forward program was concieved as an alternative method to paying for college tuition. On Sept. 11, The Oregon Higher Education Coordinating Commission unanimously voted to recommend a Pay It Forward pilot program to the 2015 Oregon Legislature.
The program proposes an alternative to the rising cost of in-state tuition for students of Oregon’s universities and community colleges.
Rather than paying tuition in full each year, students would forego all or some of their tuition costs in return for the payment of approximately two to four percent of their income for the next 20 years after graduation, depending on whether they attend a community college or university.
From course to courts
The Pay It Forward program was introduced to Portland State through the capstone course Student Debt: Economics, Policy and Advocacy, led by professors Barbara Dudley and Mary C. King. The capstone focused on finding solutions to debt accumulated through higher education.
“We spent the first half of the capstone talking about different legislations and ideas we had about alleviating student debt. Our community partner the Working Families Party brought us the Pay It Forward proposal from the Economic Opportunity Institute up in Seattle,” said Kevin Rackham, a student who enrolled in the course as a sophomore.

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