Friday, December 5, 2014

Governor Kitzhaber Outlines Spending Priorities In Budget Proposal

December 1st, 2014

Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber has outlined his spending priorities for the next two years. He says his $18.6 billion budget proposal makes targeted investments in education and job creation.
Earlier today, OPB’s Beth Hyams delved into the details of the governor’s proposal with Salem reporter, Chris Lehman:
$18.6 billion would represent the largest state budget in Oregon history — more than a billion dollar increase from the current budget cycle.
Where,  Hyams asked, is the extra money coming from?
Lehman explained that Oregon’s revenue structure is weighted heavily towards the income tax.  Roughly 83 percent of expected state revenues over the next two years will come from personal income taxes. The rest comes from corporate taxes and a smattering of other sources including the lottery, tobacco taxes and estate taxes.

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