Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Professor named in records dispute

The Register Guard
January 28th, 2015

An article published Tuesday in the Chronicle of Higher Education asserted, without attribution, that University of Oregon professor Bill Harbaugh is the faculty member in possession of 22,000 pages of electronic documents that the UO administration has been trying wto recover.
In the week since the UO announced that an unnamed professor obtained the papers of the past four UO presidents from the UO library archives, Harbaugh has frequently been mentioned as a likely possessor of the documents.
Harbaugh on Tuesday did not return emails seeking comment on the Chronicle story. He posted excerpts of the article on his blog, . He has previously implied on his blog that he is not in possession of the troves of documents.
However, Harbaugh, an economics professor, makes an avocation of obtaining university public documents and posting them on his blog. Over the past four years, Harbaugh formally asked the UO for public records 229 times, according to the university’s Office of Public Records.

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