Friday, April 17, 2015

Archivist James Fox says UO Interim President Scott Coltrane's team betrayed, scapegoated him

April 17th, 2015

University of Oregon archivist blamed and terminated after a massive records release deemed "unlawful" by UO's interim president said Thursday he had nothing to do with the debacle and is being scapegoated.
James Fox, head of the UO Special Collections and University Archives, said during an interview in Portland that Interim President Scott Coltrane's office should be responsible, as the "creating office," for vetting records to remove confidential information concerning students, faculty and staff members.
Instead, Fox said, Coltrane's office transferred the responsibility to librarians in a written agreement that Fox wasn't shown. Kira Homo -- a lower-level digital archivist, who has since resigned after also being suspended with pay -- released the 30,000 pages digitally without telling Fox they weren't vetted, he said.

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