Friday, June 26, 2015

A turning point for Oregon schools

Statesman Journal
June 26th, 2015

A recent study shows that Oregon ranks 38th in student performance and 39th in education funding. That’s not good enough.
More students should be graduating, and all should achieve more in math, reading, writing and science. But what will it take to reach a 100 percent graduation rate?
First, we need to understand why students drop out. Back in 2010, Gladstone Schools surveyed 52 dropouts to ask why they did not finish school. What we discovered is how complicated life is for students living on the edge.
Neglect, domestic abuse, mental illness, foster care and poverty. Divorced parents, parent incarceration, homelessness and family members battling addiction. Most dropouts we interviewed were coping with multiple issues. We cannot simply wish away the resulting impacts to education, health and the workforce. We need to take action.

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