Monday, June 29, 2015

Governor showed courage in signing test opt-out bill (OPINION)

June 26th, 2015

Gov. Kate Brown showed great leadership this week when she signed important legislation to create the Student Assessment Bill of Rights, which will engage students in their own learning. House Bill 2655 protects and expands the rights of our students and their parents as we all try to navigate the educational waters, now muddied not just by hours — but days upon days — of standardized tests each year (twice as many now as there were in 2002).
HB2655 creates a path for Oregon to build a system of assessment that treats children as they ought to be treated — real human beings who need to be nurtured. Students and parents — not businesses or corporate-sponsored foundations — are at the center of this bill, which is predicated on the idea that students should be engaged in their learning and that good education inspires students to follow their natural curiosity and their imagination.

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