Tuesday, June 16, 2015

'Much remains to be done' a recurring theme in Portland Superintendent Carole Smith's performance review

June 16th, 2015

A majority of Portland school board members offered over-the-top praise to Portland schools superintendent Carole Smith before voting 4-1 Monday night to approve her yearly job evaluation.
They called her an a person with uncanny intelligence and perception (board member Greg Belisle), an exceptionally kind person who has earned the gratitude of teens (Matt Morton), a leader who has delivered great results (Ruth Adkins) and an employee with "an work ethic beyond anybody I have seen" (Tom Koehler).
But the written performance review they approved on a 4-1 vote, with two members absent, gave a more moderated view of what Smith accomplished in the past year.
She was awarded no raise and no extension of her contract, even though many board members said she deserved both. At the last minute Monday, the board dropped plans to give her a one-year contract extension, to 2018, because the new board majority that will be sworn in on July 6 objected.

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