Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Steve Duin: A backward slide for Pay It Forward

June 3rd, 2015

The adjunct professor who was there at the beginning with Pay It Forward is a far more uplifting study than the Oregon Legislature that has buried the idea, so let's start with Barbara Dudley.
When Dudley graduated from the University of California-Berkeley School of Law in 1971, she had no student debt.  "I went to UC-Berkeley for $500 a semester that I could work off with work study," Dudley says.  She left flush with possibilities, not awash in debt notices.
Where, then, you're wondering, did this smart, young lawyer cash in? San Francisco?  An up-and-coming Westwood legal boutique?
Olongapo, in the Philippines.  Subic Bay Naval Base.  Dudley was one of five lawyers hired by the National Lawyers Guild to represent GIs facing courts martial for their growing resistance to the Vietnam War.  She hadn't yet passed the bar when she landed in the Philippines.

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