Tuesday, June 16, 2015

University of Oregon to hire faculty under auspices of researchers Jim Hutchison, Eric Selker and Elizabeth Stormshak

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June 15th, 2015

Wanted: Internationally recognized scientist with demonstrated ability to solve cutting-edge problems on chromosome and nuclear architecture, function and dynamics.
Must be willing to help revive the University of Oregon’s classical genetics research to its former renown.Nobel Prize is not required, said Chuck Lillis, chairman of the UO Board of Trustees.
“But let’s hire the person who might be on the short list and is perfect for the university,” he said.
Lillis is talking about a specific hiring push meant to bring dozens of new scientists to campus in the next few years.
The initiative is part of the “clusters of excellence” academic upgrade plan the UO unveiled last year. Faculty proposed 34 fields where new hires could elevate the UO’s rankings nationally.
Administrators chose the 10 best “clusters” to pursue in the hopes that donors would step up and fund the new hires.So far, only one donor has done so.
Last fall, Connie Ballmer — and her husband, former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer — funded an “obesity prevention” cluster in the UO College of Education with a $20 million endowment.

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