Tuesday, October 11, 2016

M98 stirs questions behind closed doors

Portland Tribune Oct. 11, 2016 [Measure 98 is the Voc Ed initiative. Pat Burke is faculty in the PSU Graduate School of Education]

Measure 98 appears set for a smooth sail to victory on Election Day.
The statewide high school graduation measure has big-name multipartisan support through Democratic Gov. Kate Brown, Republican candidate for governor Dr. Bud Pierce, the Independent Party of Oregon and many others.
Backers also have amassed a war chest of $3.1 million provided mostly by the Portland-based national nonprofit Stand for Children.
That’s actually less than the yes campaign for its much more high-profile ballot neighbor, Measure 97. That may be surprising given that — unlike the controversial corporate tax measure — Measure 98 enjoys no organized opposition and has the support of 64 percent of respondents to a recent citizen poll.

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