Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Reed College, NLRB Case No. 19-RC-213177

National Center for the Study of Collective Bargaining in Higher Education and the Professions

On January 17, 2018, the Student Workers Coalition-Local 1 Housing Advisers filed a representation petition seeking to represent approximately 52 student housing advisers at Reed College.  The following is the description of the petitioned-for unit:

Included: All student Housing Advisers (HAs);

Excluded: Non-Student staff of Reed College's Residence Life Dept. including Resident Directors, student employees of Reed College employed in other departments.

Friday, January 26, 2018

OSU lands $50 million commitment from dermatologist for veterinary medicine program

By Andrew Theen
January 17, 2018

Oregon State University said Wednesday it has a $50 million commitment, the largest in the school's 150-year history, for the school's veterinary medicine college.

The university said the gift from Dr. Gary Carlson, a Southern California dermatologist who graduated from the Corvallis school in 1974, will allow it to double the size of its animal hospital and recruit and keep high-level faculty in the animal medicine field.

Read the full article at the OregonLive website here.

Photos show OSU student govt. rep making Nazi salute, waving swastika flag

By Shane Dixon Kavanaugh
January 25, 2018

Andrew Oswalt, a student government representative at Oregon State University facing a recall over his inflammatory views, marched with white power proponents in Portland, delivered Nazi salutes to cars traveling on Interstate 5 and appears to have stood with a swastika flag outside the home of a man who advocates the extermination of Jewish people last year.

Photos of Oswalt doing all those things appeared this week on the website of the Pacific Northwest Antifacist Workers Collective, a group comprised of unnamed antifa activists from Oregon and Washington.

Read the full article at the OregonLive website here.

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

OSU, fired professor spar over public records, campus office

By Molly Young
December 21, 2017

An attorney for Oregon State University told a Benton County judge on Thursday that the records related to the firing of a professor for sexual harassment and bullying should remain sealed because his victims have a right to privacy.

Only the court needs to be able to review the large file of records about A. Morrie Craig's dismissal from the school, not the public, said Cody Elliot, a Portland lawyer who represents Oregon State.

Read the full article at the OregonLive website here.

Principal disciplined for failing to act on warnings of teacher sexual misconduct wins in court

By Betsy Hammond
December 29, 2017

In a case that could have broader social implications for how schools respond to educator sexual misconduct, an Oregon appeals court sided with a principal who took no action after employees alerted him a male teacher was spending time alone with a female student he later had move in with him.

The Oregon Court of Appeals reversed the state's revocation of the now-retired principal's license Thursday.  A three-judge panel faulted the state teacher licensing agency for failing to cite professional standards or expectations that would have made clear how a principal should respond to reports that a teacher may be breaching personal or sexual boundaries with a student.

Read the full article at the OregonLive website here.

Answers to your questions about Ballot Measure 101 and the health care of Oregonians

Oregon Center for Public Policy
By Janet Bauer
November 2017

We've been getting questions about what Ballot Measure 101 means for Oregonians' health care.  To help you sort it out, we provide answers to the following common questions:

What is Measure 101?
When is the Measure 101 vote?
What does a "yes" vote do?
What does a "no" vote do?

Answers to these and many more questions at the OCPP website here.